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At Internet Works, we crisp words and ideas into orderly process flows. We have significant experience managing robust, proprietary e-content management systems. We effectively capture your essential business in a book.

Joseph Stella
Joseph Stella


In Battle of Lights Coney Island, Joseph Stella  portrays
Coney Island as a chaotic arcade.




Can you see your business plan’s life-cycle, end to end?

slideruleDo you comply  effectively with Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, SOX, and other industry specific requirements. Do you have GAPS that remain unresolved? What are the possibilities ahead?

We can simplify your training processes into storyboards using Global Visual Language (GVL) to show time-sequencing, concurrency, and interactivity.

How do you personalize the customer experience?

Where are the quality control points?

How do you scale from local to global markets seamlessly?

What are your disaster recovery and business continuity policies and procedures?

Does your Emergency Management Plan optimize rapid response time for all your resources, including both staff and visitors?

NumbersInternet Works offers broad knowledge in aerospace, biotech, engineering, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals, public health, law enforcement, manufacturing, and real estate.

Then, with the lens of a camera, we focus on just your business.

Using Global Visual Language (GVL) icons, we crystallize your business methods and technology. We compress your processes and procedures into compact image streams and words. Using high-level idea maps and other resources, we wordsmith and polish visuals for your stakeholders and staff to better understand their roles and responsibilities. Subject matter experts validate the details. We review your business plan and expedite deliveries.


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Edward F. Tufte, Professor Emeritus of Yale University has researched and published books on the history of visual language.


Robert E. Horn of Stanford University also shares his findings.


Founder and Director of Internet Works, Sharon Anne Byron, MBA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, captures your essential business in a book applying this methodology.


Your essential business in a book.