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Begun in 1996, Internet Works builds better business communications applying SMART technologies and Global Visual Language.

NASA earth

Global Climate Change produces catastrophic floods, blizzards and fires;

terrorist attacks remain random worldwide; political shifts disrupt supply chains; mergers and transitional staff spawn GAPS in systems. Social media blasts every errors or omission.


What is the state of your business? Are you prepared for your global competitors?

Every business, large or small, needs a proactive, actionable Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)/ Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Are you immediately responsive to your customers and clients?

Does your business attract the best people for each role and offer eco-friendly net-zero plus facilities that optimize clean energy, clean air, and clean water, saving you both utility costs and healthcare expenses?

Is your business a valued neighbor? Does your business sponsor local events and reinvest in the community?

INorman Rockwell



Norman Rockwell once captured
the essence of America on

The Saturday Evening Post.



Now in 2019,  may we help you update your plan visually, end to end, applying Global Visual Language and Life Cycle Design?

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